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With many MVPs so passionate about community participation in forums, we (Microsoft) wanted to let you know that Microsoft is rolling out an award program to acknowledge participants who actively foster the health of Microsoft’s online communities. On Wednesday, November 10, 2010 (PST) Microsoft will begin a limited-scale introduction of the Microsoft Community Contributor Award. 

The Microsoft Community Contributor Award seeks to recognize notable contributors to Microsoft online community forums such as TechNet, MSDN® and Answers. The value of these resources is greatly enhanced by participants who voluntarily contribute their time and energy to improve the online community experience for others.

Awardees will receive a customized certificate, program logo with the award year, and a complimentary online technical resource aimed to provide a way for forum participants to stay abreast of technology information.

As leaders in technical communities, Microsoft plans to invite MVPs to recommend candidates for this new award program in the upcoming months. 

Effective dates

The Microsoft Community Contributor Award is targeting a launch on November 10, 2010 (PST).  This is a very limited scale rollout with a more official launch in the upcoming months. Initially, only selected moderators within English language MSDN, TechNet, and Microsoft Answers forum communities will receive award notices.  In upcoming months, top community contributors in English language forums will be awarded. 

As we proceed forward, the aim is to expand the recognition to moderators and contributors in forums representing languages other than English.

Who is affected

Though MVPs are not directly impacted by the introduction of this new program, they cannot be an Microsoft Community Contributor at the same time.  These programs recognize two different types of individuals in the technology communities. MVPs represent leaders in specific technology areas while Microsoft Community Contributors are contributors who have a broader impact on online communities.

In the upcoming months, MVPs will be provided the opportunity to recommend potential Microsoft Community Contributor Award candidates.

Additional Information

Additional information about the Microsoft Community Contributor Award Program can be found at

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