MDT 2013 Update 1 Bug: WinPE-MDAC are not added to the MDT Boot Image


If you upgrade to MDT 2013 Update 1 and then create a new MDT Boot Image in SCCM, you will learn that the WinPE-MDAC component are not added to the boot image as expected.

By default the WinPE-MDAC component  are selected in the wizard, but if you check the Optional Components tab of the boot image, you’ll see that the WinPE-MDAC is missing.

The wizard showing that WinPE-MDAC will be added:



Properties after the Boot Images was created (WinPE-MDAC is missing):


The fix is pretty simple. Just add the WinPE-MDAC component, and update the boot image.





Now everything looks just fine…

Happy Windows 10 Deployment Smile

+Ronni Pedersen

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