Cumulative Update 4 for ConfigMgr 2012 R2 released


Today (on February 2nd or the 3rd, 2015, depending on your current time zone) Cumulative Update (CU) 4 for ConfigMgr 2012 R2 was released.

It’s a great update. Not only does it contains 25 updates but also 32 PowerShell fixes and 35 new PowerShell cmdlets. Amazing! Can’t wait to get this baby deployed in production Smiley

Here’s a list of issues that are fixed:

  • Client (1 fix)
  • Software Distribution and Application Management (6 fixes)
  • Network Access Protection (1 fix)
  • Operating System Deployment (2 fixes)
  • Administrator Console (1 fix)
  • Site Servers and Site Systems (6 fixes)
  • Mobile Devices (4 fixes)
  • Migration (1 fix)
  • Reporting (2 fixes)
  • Software Updates (1 fix)

Additional changes that are included in this update:

  • Windows PowerShell (32 PowerShell fixes and 36 new PowerShell cmdlets)
  • Data Replication (Added performance optimizations to decrease data replication latency in hierarchies with large numbers of sites).
  • Endpoint Protection (October 2014 Update)
  • Operating System other than Windows (Mac OSX 10.10 and Suse Linux Enterprise Server 12 x64)

This update replaces Cumulative Update 3 for System Center 2012 Configuration Manager R2


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My name is Ronni Pedersen and I'm currently working as a Cloud Architect at APENTO in Denmark. My primary focus is Enterprise Client Management solutions, based on technologies like AzureAD, Intune, EMS and System Center Configuration Manager. I'm is also a Microsoft Certified Trainer and Microsoft MVP in Enterprise Mobility.


  1. Hi Ronni,

    We are planning to upgrade to CU4 from CU1 in our environment.
    The configmgr client on our site server is managed by a different ConfigMgr site (CU1 version)

    The question is: Will our client on the site server become unmanaged after we upgrade?

    • No. You’re old clients will work just fine. Even SCCM 2007 clients are still working 🙂
      But I’d still recommend that you upgrade your clients when you get the chance!

  2. Hello. We are still at CU 0 (R2) ever since our external consulting firm installed SCCM 2012 for us a couple of years back. We are starting to run into some of the bugs that have been fixed with the CU’s over the last years.

    Is the upgrade prosess a “risky operation”? I see for example that there are some DB upgrades among other things. And if things should go wrong, does the CU-updater rollback its own changes by itself?

    We are considering doing this upgrade ourself.

    Thank you very much for your answer Ronni.

    • Hi Christian,
      There is no auto roll-back feature, so it’s very important that you have a valid backup before you start.
      If your setup is healthy and it should be a relative simple process though.
      However.. If your system hasn’t been updated for years, you might want to make sure that you update both the OS, SQL, WAIK etc. before you apply the latest CU update.
      Feel free to contact me offline if you want assistance. Normally its only a few hours for the entire process.

      • Ok, thank you very much for the answer. The update went smooth with no hickups.

        I only have one question left. Do you recomend deploying the CU4 patch during the OSD or after?

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