Importing HDC Storage Drivers in Configuration Manager 2007


A question that seems to popup from time to time, is how to import HDC Storage drivers in Configuration Manager RTM.

When importing storage drivers into Configuration Manager 2007, not all types (Class), can be used (selected) from the Task Sequence wizard. This is a known bug.  At the time ConfigMgr 07 shipped, Microsoft were not aware of any mass storage drivers that used the HDC class, so only SCSIAdapters were flagged as boot critical (UPDATE: This issue is fixed in Service Pack 1). To workaround this issue you need to do the following:

When you import HDC storage drivers you need to point at the TXTSETUP.OEM file. This file depends on the *.inf file(s) where the Class is specified. If the “Class” is configured to “hdc”, you can’t select the driver from the “Apply Driver Package” in the Task Sequence. In order to use the driver you need to modify the *.inf file before importing the driver into the driver repository. Replace the “Class=hdc” with “Class=SCSIAdapter” under the [Version] section.

Example of an INF file:

Signature="$WINDOWS NT$"

This is how it should look like after the import:


If you modify the inf file after the import the driver should be deleted and re-imported.

Then you should be able to select the driver from the Task Sequense:


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