Intune 1703: Unable to create Compliance Policy


This week, I created 2 new Intune tenants. One for a new customer and one for a new lab that I was preparing for our SCUG.DK User Group Meeting next week.
Just to get things started, I created a simple compliance policy that check if the device is jailbroken and got the following error (in both tenants):

An error occurred
An error occurred whilst saving. Request ID: 6e6d9c36-a213-40be-941a-190aa6ab2def


Not much to work with, but I finally figured it out…
If you configure the “Jailbroken devices” settings, and leave the “Mobile Thread Level” to the default (Not Configured) it will fail when you try to save the policy…



Create a new policy and set any setting in the “System Security” node (Pin Code), and save the policy.
Then you can edit the policy. Set the “Jailbroken devices” setting and the remove the “System Security” settings.

Or… You can create your compliance policy in the old Intune Portal…
Intune in the Azure Portal is sill in preview Smile

Please note that the Mobile Thread Level will be marked as configured but have a “blank” value if you follow my worrkaround. It still works though…

The documentation for mobile device in Azure portal is the following.

Meanwhile, The Intune policy can still be created and modified by using Intune Admin portal at


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