Monitoring ConfigMgr 2012 OS Deployment using State Messages


When troubleshooting OS Deployment in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager, I really miss the state messages from the advertisement status in ConfigMgr 2007.

You can find the same information in reports, but for this scenario, I really prefer the Status Messages.

This guide will help you create a Status Message Query for a Specific Deployment ID.

First you need to get the deployment ID of the Task Sequence you wish to monitor.

Monitoring -> Overview -> Deployments. (The Deployment ID are not displayed by default).


Navigate to the Status Message Queries:

Monitoring -> Overview -> System Status -> Status Message Queries, and click Create Status Message Query.

Give the Status Message Query a name, and click Edit Query Statement…


Click Show Query Language.


Copy the following Query into the Query Statement, and click OK.

Replace the site code (P01) and the Deployment ID (P01200ED), in the query.

select stat.*, ins.*, att1.*, att1.AttributeTime from SMS_StatusMessage as stat left join SMS_StatMsgInsStrings as ins on stat.RecordID = ins.RecordID left join SMS_StatMsgAttributes as att1 on stat.RecordID = att1.RecordID inner join SMS_StatMsgAttributes as att2 on stat.RecordID = att2.RecordID where att2.AttributeID = 401 and att2.AttributeValue = "P01200ED" and stat.SiteCode = "P01" and att2.AttributeTime >= ##PRM:SMS_StatMsgAttributes.AttributeTime## order by att1.AttributeTime desc


Click OK, and complete the wizard.

Now we’re ready to launch the Query:


Select the date and time (default 1 hour ago), and click OK.


And now we’re ready to monitor the deployment like we did in the good old CM07 days J



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  1. Michael Simionato on

    Great Query. Is there any way of changing the system value from Minint-xxxxxxx to the actual machine name that is being configured.

  2. Great query! I’ve been looking to do this within SQL and that’s how I landed on this page, I was thinking there was no other option but clearly there is 🙂 Thanks!

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