WSUS 3.0 Release Candidate Beta Now Available


The Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) 3.0 RC delivers new features that enable admins to more easily manage and deploy updates across the organization. New features in WSUS 3.0 include a new MMC -based UI with advanced filtering and reporting, improved performance and operational reliability, flexible deployment options to improve branch office support, and more content access throught the Microsoft Update Catalog site. Key areas and features investments in the new WSUS 3.0 include:

Straightforward Installment
· In place upgrade over 2.0
· New configuration wizard to guide setup and configuration

Improved Administrative Experience
· New MMC based powerful UI (can also be installed as a remote console on clients (e.g. XP) & host multiple WSUS servers in one console
· Custom views and results filtering
· Report Viewer only admin group
· Integrated “in-context” reporting
· Clean up wizard for management of stale clients/content & built in email notifications
· Reporting rollup support
· Multiple, granular auto-approval rule options
· Enhanced Target group concepts including hierarchies for approval inheritance or block, and overlapping target group membership support

Flexible Deployment Options to improve Branch Office support
· Support for language sub-setting on downstream replica servers
· Independent replica content source options (MU or Upstream Server)
· Optional Peer-cashing capability
· Synchronization up to every hour (vs. 1xday)

Performance Enhancements and Operational Reliability
· 50% improvement in reporting performance – report viewers only admin group
· Native support for x64 platform
· Network Load Balancing & SQL cluster support
· MOM management Pack for proactive alerts on server health

More Content Access and On-demand client synch:
· Easy access to drivers and hot fixes
· Personalization to make the MU Catalog customized to your downloading needs
· Client ‘synch me now’ quick check-in/download support of pending approved updates from WSUS or needed updates from Microsoft Update

Download: WSUS 3.0 Release Candidate


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