It is very easy to lose sight of the bigger picture  when you are working on something, day in and day out for months or years on end. Sometimes you just need a fresh and experienced set of eyes to give you a new perspective. That is where I can help, with affordable and independent advice on both designing, implemeting, managing and troubbleshooting Client Management solutions and Microsoft core infrastructure.

Some of the Work I do for clients are:

  • Design and design review of System Center and Infrastructure design documents
  • Impementing System Center and Core Infrastructure
  • Internal Workshops
  • Traning of internal IT staff

Why me?

  • I have extensive hands-on experience of many aspects of implementing and managing core infrastructure from over 20 years of consulting.
  • As a Microsoft MVP, I  have a strong technical background.
  • Through my consulting I have seen what works and what doesn’t at lots of other Companies.
  • As a Microsoft Certified trainer, I’ve been teaching since 2007.

I am happy to work with companies large or small, anywhere in the World. You will need to be able to speak/read Danish or English.
On-site consulting may be possible world-wide for an additional fee, depending on location.

Email me for more details, with no obligation. If I don’t think I can help you, I won’t take your Money.

Ronni Pedersen, email: Ronni.Pedersen (at)


I contracted Ronni and some of his colleagues to assist my company in a desktop management project by implementing Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager.
We now know Ronni as a higly skilled professional; as a nice guy; and last but not least as an enthused “teacher” of desktop management Technologies.

Christian Rudebeck Holm, Nederman Holding Denmark A/S

I have had the pleasure of having Ronni as a mentor and guru in conjunction with a rather extensive desktop project my company have just undergone (implementing Mircosoft System Center Configuration Manager) . In my mind there is no doubt that this project could not have been a success without Ronni, not only does he excel in his technical knowhow he also possesses an amazing ability to convey his knowledge and his passion for the product/project.

Ronni added considerable both human and intellectual value to our project, and I have absolutely no problems in giving him the best recommendations available.

Furthermore, judging from Ronni’s passionate talks about barbecueing he not only possesses technical skills, but would also add great value to any and all grill partys. Truly a great personality.

Michael Moller, Danthern Filtration A/S