Migrate a SCCM 2007 MDT Task Sequence to SCCM 2012


The built-in migration tool in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager is a great tool to help you in the process of migrating from Configuration Manager 2007 to System Center 2012 Configuration Manager. It can migrate all your content like packages, drivers, Task Sequences, OS images etc. But if you’ve integrated the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010 Update 1(MDT) in your current environment, the Task Sequence might have steps that can’t be migrated to the new version.

To migrate an MDT 2010 Task Sequence, you need to integrate MDT 2012 with the ConfigMgr 2012 site. But the wizard can only migrate MDT 2012 Task Sequences, so you need to upgrade the MDT 2010 installation first.

To migrate a MDT 2010 Task Sequence to a new ConfigMgr 2012 Site the following steps must be performed:

  • Update the ConfigMgr 2007 MDT 2010 to MDT 2012
  • Migrate the old MDT 2010 Task Sequence to MDT2012 (In the ConfigMgr 2007 environment)
  • Install and Integrate MDT 2012 on the ConfigMgr 2012 Site
  • Migrate the Task Sequence using the wizard

This is the process for the current release (ConfigMgr 2012 RC2 and MDT 2012 RC1), but I expect this process to be valid on the final release as well.

Happy migrating…

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  1. Hi – I’m also trying to import my MDT task sequences from SCCM2007 to my new SCCM2012 RTM site. I have installed and integrated MDT2012 on the SCCM2012 site and also installed and integrated MDT2012 (over my existing MDT2010 installation) on the SCCM2007 site – however the migration is still unable to migrate the MDT task sequences…

    Am I missing something?

  2. yes I believe that works, I can test it later today but I am 99% sure that worked. It is the existing MDT2010 Task Sequences that won’t migrate despite installing MDT2012 on the SCCM2007 box…. and sadly they are the ones with all the work in.

    Is there anything I need to do to the specific task sequences after installing MDT2012 to upgrade them to the new version?


  3. You need to migrate (or merge) the existing MDT 2010 task sequence to MDT 2012 (in the ConfigMgr 2007 environment). The migration wizard dont understand the MDT 2010 stuff. (I’ll update my blog post, to clarify that).

    This can be done by creating a new MDT 2012 Task sequence (In CM07), and copy all your custom steps to the new Task Sequence. Just make sure that none of the MDT 2010 specific steps (like “Use Toolkit Package” etc.) are in the new Task Sequence.

    Test the new Task Sequence, and then you should be able to migrate the Task Sequence!

    Personaly… I’d do it this way:

    1.Make a copy of the old Task Sequence.
    2.Delete all the MDT 2010 steps.
    3.Migrate the Task Sequence
    4.Create a new MDT 2012 Task Sequence in CM07
    5.Move all my custom steps to the new Task Sequence.

    Copy of my answer here:

  4. Ronni Pedersen on

    MDT 2012 is required on all computers with the ConfigMgr Console installed, if you wish to create or edit a MDT Task Sequence.

  5. Hello Rinni. Thanks for this info:
    1.Make a copy of the old Task Sequence.
    2.Delete all the MDT 2010 steps(from old 2007 TS).
    3.Migrate the Task Sequence. (Where ?)
    4.Create a new MDT 2012 Task Sequence in CM07.
    5.Move all my custom steps to the new Task Sequence.

    I have 2 question. You have mentioned in 3rd step to Migrate the TS and then in step 4 to create a new MDT 2012 TS.
    => Migrate Where ?

    So, Should we migrate first and then Create the NEW TS OR should we create the New MDT 2012 TS first then migrate to it ?
    => ??

    • Ronni Pedersen on

      Hi Pritam,

      1. You should use the built in feature in SCCM 2012 to migrate the task sequence from the SCCM 2007 Site.
      2. You can do it both ways. You get the same result in the end.

      Hope it helps 🙂


      • Hi, can you tell me if i can install the mdt 2010 onto the sccm2012r2 server and just migrate the sccm2007 task sequences directly? thanks.

        • Ronni Pedersen on

          No you cant… to support SCCM 2012 R2 you must use MDT 2013. But it’s really not a problem at all…

          • Hi and thanks for your reply. i have now done the migration like this… i installed mdt 2012u1 on my cm2012r2 server. i then removed all mdt steps from my cm07 task sequences and migrated them ok. i then manually added the mdt steps again on the cm12 server and it all works ok.

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